"Those Who Refuse"
Verso Books Blog, August 2017

"A Marxist Critiques Identity Politics"
Seattle Weekly, April 2017

"Crise et enquête"
Revue Période, March 2014


"Dictatorship Dies in Darkness"
November 2017

"Idylls of the Liberal: The American Dreams of Mark Lilla and Ta-Nehisi Coates"
September 2017

"The Paradox of Enlightenment"
March 2017

"The Shadow of the Plantation"
February 2017

"Bernstein in Seattle: Representative Democracy and the Revolutionary Subject"
May 2016

Workers’ Inquiry: A Genealogy” (co-authored with Salar Mohandesi)
September 2013

Underground Currents: Louis Althusser’s ‘On Marxist Thought’” (co-authored with Salar Mohandesi)
September 2012

Deviations, Part One: The Castoriadis-Pannekoek Exchange” (co-authored with Salar Mohandesi)
October 2011